Get Involved in Your Community: Introducing GSAA’s Committees

We are thrilled to introduce our newly reorganized committees, each with a unique purpose and mission dedicated to enhancing our vibrant neighborhood. At the Greater Scott’s Addition Association (GSAA), community involvement is at the heart of what we do, and our committees play a pivotal role in making our neighborhood an even better place to live, work, and visit.

Membership & Engagement:

Our Membership & Engagement Committee is the heartbeat of GSAA. They focus on building a strong community by:

  • Organizing members-only socials that are advertised in our members-only newsletters. Previous locations include:
    The Hof, Slingshot Social Game Club
  • Keeping our membership directory up-to-date and synced with our website
  • Ensuring a positive membership experience through support and renewal assistance
  • Seeking external candidates to join our committees and board
  • Taking care of the details, like board member name tags and bi-weekly members-only newsletters

If you want to be at the forefront of community engagement, consider joining this committee. For inquiries or to express your interest, please contact the Membership & Engagement Committee Chair at


Our EAR Up Committee is dedicated to ensuring that everyone in Greater Scott’s Addition is informed, educated, and aware of the resources available to succeed. They achieve this through:

  • Planning monthly education events that are promoted on our website and social media. Previous topics include: Preparing for Homeownership, Identity Theft, Budgeting
  • Partnering with local banks and businesses to expand access to community resources
  • Creating networking opportunities and events for community members and businesses
  • Providing financial literacy materials to empower our community

Join the EAR Up Committee to contribute to a well-informed and empowered neighborhood. Contact the EAR Up Committee Chair at to get involved.

Livability & Greenspace:

The Livability & Greenspace Committee aims to make Greater Scott’s Addition a safer and more comfortable neighborhood to live, work, and visit. They do this by focusing on:

  • Educating the community about initiatives related to public spaces:
    • Upcoming development and vetting of projects that require special use permits
    • Updates on neighborhood infrastructure projects, such as repaving/bike lanes/crosswalks
  • Enhancing and maintaining greenspaces within our neighborhood:
    • Rosemoore Pocket Park
    • Broad Street Pollinator Park
    • Protopath multi-use trail
    • Installation of over 200 new trees in Greater Scott’s Addition since 2017
  • Supporting public art projects that add character to our community:
    • Richmond Triangle Players Rainbow Crosswalk
    • Neighborhood business mural at The Summit
  • Promoting urbanism and multi-modal transportation options:
    • Protopath multi-use trail
    • Bike lane and sidewalk installation advocacy
    • Extensive work with GRTC and other transportation providers

If you’re passionate about a greener, more livable community, this committee is for you. Reach out to the Livability & Greenspace Committee Chair at to join the effort.

Marketing & Communications:

Our Marketing & Communications Committee is dedicated to spreading the word about GSAA and the Greater Scott’s Addition neighborhood. They work diligently on:

  • Keeping you informed by posting public meeting schedules and locations
  • Maintaining our event calendar in partnership with Membership & Engagement
  • Developing brand guidelines and marketing strategies to showcase GSAA as an essential organization
  • Enhancing our online presence by managing GSAA’s website and social media
  • Crafting and distributing informative messages, including newsletters and blogs

Have ideas for marketing or a passion for social media? Join this committee and help us tell our neighborhood’s story. You can reach out to the Marketing & Communications Committee Chair at

Also, don’t forget about our Community Events Calendar, which is free to access and open to the public. This means that anyone, regardless of their membership status, can view the range of events listed.

Our platform is not just a passive calendar; it’s a dynamic space where member organizations can actively contribute. Any member organization, be it a local non-profit, a community group, or a business, has the ability to post events on our calendar. Whether you’re looking for networking events, workshops, community gatherings, or cultural festivals, our calendar is your one-stop destination for everything happening in and around Greater Scott’s Addition.

We invite you to get involved, be an active part of our committees, and contribute to making Greater Scott’s Addition an even better place. Together, we can achieve great things for our community.

If you’re interested in joining any of these committees or have questions, please reach out to the respective committee chairs using the provided email addresses. Your participation and support make a significant difference in the growth and vitality of our neighborhood. Let’s work together to make Greater Scott’s Addition the best it can be!

Warm regards,
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